Delhi Woman Killed With Iron Rod Was Prepping For Government Job: Family

Delhi Woman Killed With Iron Rod Was Prepping For Government Job: Family

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According to her family, Nargis, a 23-year-old Delhi lady who was killed by her cousin for allegedly rejecting his marriage proposal, wanted to become financially independent and was studying for government job exams.

Irfan, Nargis’ cousin, who is implicated, allegedly lived with the family for about five or six years until being asked to leave for allegedly pestering Nargis.

Because their moms were sisters, the accuser and victim were first cousins. He allegedly killed the woman on Friday at a park in Malviya Nagar, south Delhi, with an iron rod, according to police.

She is the sole daughter of her, according to her father Suljat, a mechanic. His two sons are.

He said, “I want justice for her.

The accused ought to face severe punishment. We won’t pardon him for what he did, the speaker continued.

The defendant was taken into custody. Sameer, Nargis’ brother, stated, “Our family rejected the accused’s marriage proposal about six months ago. My sister had no desire to wed him. Irfan, who hails from the Uttar Pradesh town of Auraiya, first visited our home about five or six years ago. My father trained him as a mechanic.”

“My sister complained to my father when he began to mistreat her, and he reprimanded him and sent him back to his own country. Around 1.5 years ago, he returned to Auraiya and began his own work there. When his business did not succeed, he went back to Delhi and set up residence in the Sangam Vihar neighbourhood, Sameer claimed.

Irfan was allegedly training for a position in the army, but according to the victim’s neighbour Ashfaq, he was unsuccessful in his application last year and is now employed by a food delivery service.

Irfan was aware that Nargis often attended steno coaching sessions, Sameer continued. He pursued her for several days before killing her on Friday in a park.

“My sister had good academic skills. She completed her degree with honours in Hindi while studying for a government job exam, continued Sameer.

Around noon, police received information indicating that a man had struck a woman in the head with an iron rod in the Vijay Mandal Park in the Shivalik A-Block of Malviya Nagar, a neighbourhood in south Delhi, and then fled the scene. Under a bench, the woman’s lifeless body was discovered with the iron rod next to her and blood pouring from her skull.

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