As mobs damage the police armoury and fire on the forces, there is new violence in Manipur.

As mobs damage the police armoury and fire on the forces, there is new violence in Manipur.

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According to police and army authorities, automatic guns were shot last night from Kwakta in the conflict-torn Manipur region’s Bishnupur district and Kangvai in the Churachandpur district. Intermittent bursts of firing continued until early this morning.

There have also been numerous reports of attempted vandalism, mob gatherings, and arson.

A Flag March was conducted by combined Army, Assam Rifles, Rapid Action Force, and state police troops in the Imphal East district until midnight.

There was allegedly an attempted arson at the Palace Compound nearby Advance Hospital. Last night, a mob of roughly 1,000 people gathered and attempted damage and arson. Two individuals were hurt when the RAF used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

There were also reports of a mob buildup near Manipur University. At 10.40 p.m., 200 to 300 individuals congregated near Thongju and made an attempt to vandalise the local MLA’s home. The crowd was dispersed by an RAF column.

Last night, a different crowd made an attempt to vandalise the Iringbam Police Station’s armoury in the Imphal West neighbourhood. At 11.40 p.m., 300 to 400 individuals attempted to ransack the police station. The RAF spread out the crowd.

Army reports claim that 200 to 300 people encircled the BJP office in Sinjemai just after midnight before being dispersed by an Army column.

The Army and RAF stopped the mob’s attempt at vandalism against Adhikarimayum Sharda Devi, the state BJP president, in Imphal West at midnight. As per Army sources, the crowd dispersed.

A day after a mob of 1200 people set fire to RK Ranjan Singh’s home in Manipur with petrol bombs, there have been attacks there.

The property of political leaders has been targeted as the conflict between two communities in Manipur has gotten worse over the past few days. The centre is working hard to implement a peace plan, but the current state of law and order is still quite unstable.

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