20 Have Been Interrogated So Far in Mumbai Murder Case, Says Police

20 Have Been Interrogated So Far in Mumbai Murder Case, Says Police

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More than 20 people have provided statements to the Mira-Bhayandar, Vasai-Virar police in Maharashtra in connection with the shocking discovery of a 32-year-old woman’s chopped, pressure-cooked, and roasted body parts at a flat outside of Mumbai.

Manoj Sane (56) has been detained for reportedly killing victim Saraswati Vaidya and dismembering her body in their leased flat on the 7th floor in the Thane neighborhood’s Mira Road.

Until June 16, Sane will remain in police custody.

The procedure to recover the items in the case is under progress, according to Jayant Bajbale, deputy commissioner of police for Zone I. 20 people’s comments have so far been recorded, he claimed.

Vaidya’s DNA samples and those of her family members have been gathered for matching. The official stated that on Monday, police turned over Vaidya’s remains to her sisters, who carried out her final rites.

According to officials, the accused and victim’s chat and call logs are also being reviewed.

Prior to slicing up Vaidya’s body, Sane is thought to have poisoned her to death. According to a representative, he reportedly purchased pesticides from a store in the western neighborhood of Borivali.

Although it is believed that the murder occurred on June 4, it was first discovered on June 7 when police forced open the door of the couple’s unit at the Akashdeep building on Mira Road (East) after neighbors reported smelling something bad coming from within.

Vaidya allegedly drank poison to commit suicide, while Sane, who worked at a ration shop, simply attempted to dispose of her body by slicing it up.

The suspect allegedly admitted to investigators that he had HIV and had no physical contact with Vaidya. Additionally, he stated that Vaidya was his wife and not a live-in partner.

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