FDA approves a ‘first-of-its-kind’ vibrating pill to relieve chronic constipation

FDA approves a ‘first-of-its-kind’ vibrating pill to relieve chronic constipation

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Many people experience chronic constipation problems, and treating them can be difficult for them, particularly if they do not want to take medication. Many things, such as poor eating practices or another clinical issue, can contribute to these challenges. Vibrant, a pill that may help relieve chronic constipation without the need for medication, has recently received FDA approval, which is a huge comfort. How?

It’s essential to understand Colonic Motility before understanding how the pill affects our bodies and how the pill treats constipation problems because Colonic Motility dysfunction can cause constipation and other colon-related problems.

What is Colonic Motility Dysfunction and Colon?

The colon is a part of the digestive system that is essential for controlling the act of defecation and preserving the consistency of faeces. In contrast, bowel patterns can occasionally change as a result of Colonic Motility Dysfunction, which can cause constipation, diarrhea, or in rare instances, sporadic abdominal cramping.

How does the therapy work?

In August 2022, the Vibrant pill received approval from the medication authority. However, until recently, physicians could not obtain the medication without a prescription. This week, we have also overcome that obstacle. The primary purpose of the pill is to stimulate colonic mobility, which ultimately results in a comfortable bowel movement.

Ben Feldman, Chief Marketing Officer of Vibrant Gastro, the company which manufactured the pill, told Health, “The pills stimulate specialized nerve cells in the gut called mechanosensory cells.” 

This therapy is even more welcomed in the United States as a total of 16 per cent of people in the country are believed to the affected by Chronic constipation. This pill mechanically stimulates the colon from the inside and does not contain any medicine.

According to Feldman, the mechanical stimulation’s predetermined timing is believed to increase colonic motility by taking advantage of the body’s biological clock. Cathy Collis, chief commercial officer for Vibrant Gastro, provided additional information about the tablet. She said that when the pill is in activation mode, there are brief vibrations for three seconds on and three seconds off.

The pill is naturally eliminated from the body during a bowel movement after the stimulation phase is complete. The pill’s technology makes it possible to monitor the tablet while it is inside your body.

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