Zen Mobility Sets the Wheels in Motion: Unveiling a Game-Changing Manufacturing Hub for Zen Micro Pods with 50,000-Unit Capacity

Zen Mobility Sets the Wheels in Motion: Unveiling a Game-Changing Manufacturing Hub for Zen Micro Pods with 50,000-Unit Capacity

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Zen Mobility, an emerging Indian electric vehicle OEM, proudly announces the inauguration of its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Manesar, Gurgaon, signaling a pivotal moment in the companys growth trajectory. This innovative facility is poised to revolutionize urban mobility by ramping up production to meet the escalating demand for sustainable micro-mobility solutions.

Zen Mobility Manufacturing Facility​

Situated on a sprawling 2.5-acre campus, the new manufacturing plant not only exemplifies Zen Mobilitys dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology and infrastructure but also holds the promise of creating employment opportunities for 500+ individuals. With an impressive capacity of 50,000 units per year, the facility is dedicated to the production and assembling of the Zen Micro Pods, the companys flagship electric vehicles tailored for urban commuters.

Beyond manufacturing, the plant houses advanced research and development facilities for design engineering and product planning. Furthermore, it features comprehensive testing capabilities, including roller testing and dyno testing, ensuring uncompromised quality and safety standards for all Zen Mobility products.

Mr. Namit Jain, Founder and CEO of Zen Mobility, expressed his enthusiasm about the inauguration of the new manufacturing plant, stating, “The unveiling of our state-of-the-art facility underscores our dedication to delivering eco-friendly mobility solutions for the last-mile delivery space. With our order book increased to 10,000 units, the plant will be running in two shifts to deliver the orders in hand. Our enhanced production capabilities and advanced testing facilities enable us to provide effective fleet management solutions to E-commerce and fleet companies. The plant is also meticulously designed to accommodate the future production of Zen Maxi Pods, our upcoming multi-purpose 4-wheeler Light Electric Vehicles, intended for the delivery of cargo and mid to large size goods. This further solidifies Zen Mobilitys commitment to pioneering sustainable urban mobility solutions.”

A standout feature of the new facility is its capability to offer complete in-house customization for innovative cargo box solutions, catering to a diverse array of applications such as e-commerce, grocery delivery, food distribution, FMCG logistics, third-party logistics, cold chain management, dairy product delivery, pharmaceutical logistics, and more. By integrating customization capabilities into its manufacturing process, Zen Mobility aims to address the unique needs of urban logistics and deliver tailored solutions to its customers.

Zen Mobility has partnered with major food, grocery delivery, and e-commerce firms to deploy vehicles across 10+ cities in India, boosting income opportunities for delivery riders and enabling efficient fleet management for e-commerce and fleet operators. Committed to supporting Indias growth and achieving the nations net-zero goal by 2070, Zen Mobility promotes the transition to green mobility. With the prestigious Homologation Certificate of Conformity, Zen Mobility ensures compliance with industry regulations, showcasing its commitment to manufacturing excellence. Moreover, Zen Mobility’s product stands out as a one-of-a-kind unique offering, with patented design and powertrain technologies. Anticipated customer trials for the Zen Maxi Pod are set to begin in Q4 FY25, with the official launch planned in FY26.

About Zen Mobility

Zen Mobility is a one-of-its-kind Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) OEM engaged in the design and manufacturing of customized & purpose-built EVs, with designs from Germany and built in India with a vision to transform modern-day mobility and logistics, Zen is focused on alleviating the challenges of the Last Mile delivery (LMD) segment. A brainchild of Namit Jain, Zen Mobility was established in 2019-20 as a spin-off of NTF Group – a renowned auto component manufacturer of engineering plastics and composites to majority of the Auto OEMs in India and globally.

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