The Prominent Indian Personalities Feted At The All Media Council Awards Event

The Prominent Indian Personalities Feted At The All Media Council Awards Event

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The recent All Media Council Awards ceremony held on 3rd June 2023 hits all records of success. Various professionals from diverse industries, including media experts and social personalities, were united at one dias and shared their thoughts, & experiences and collaborated with like-minded individuals.

The All Media Council Awards event 2023 throws light on the importance of the respective roles of these professionals and honored them for their societal contributions.

The award ceremony was organized by the All Media Council Foundation, a non-profit network of organizations that runs various mentoring programs and journalism training seminars and offers career opportunities for media professionals.

Ms. Aarti Thapa is one of the prominent professionals who has been honored at the event. Here is her bio.

Ms. Aarti Thapa has more than 15 years of diversified experience, currently leading the organization named PANKH since 2015 as a Founder President & CEO. She is a social expert with lots of enthusiasm and a critical understanding of different social issues, her working experience in the crime intervention cell of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) motivated her to take the lead for the underprivileged people and help them through need-based actions towards their upliftment.

Under her leadership, the organization extended support to thousands of underprivileged people affected due to covid. Her grass root level understanding with sound knowledge of organizational behavior formalizes the mission & vision strategies with different SOPs/ policies to ensure the organizational values among every employee. Currently, PANKH is working in different segments in different states of India.

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