Swar Kala Sangam: Enriching Lives Through Music and Dance

Swar Kala Sangam: Enriching Lives Through Music and Dance

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“Swar Kala Sangam” was started by Mukta Monish Mehta and Monish Mehta in 2018 with a vision of providing quality education in the field of Music and Dance. Backed By Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy, It is one of the Best Music Schools in Gurgaon providing Online Music Classes and Offline Music and Dance classes to Children irrespective of Age and Geographic boundaries.

Anyone can learn, pursue a hobby or passion or even upskill in Music, Singing, Playing Instruments, or Dancing, Swar Kala Sangam has the Best Music teachers, and Dance teachers are there to guide.

Mukta Monish Mehta (co-founder) is a renowned Classical Music Performer and Educationist, Gold Medallist from Jammu University, who has trained 1500+ music students and enthusiasts. According to Mukta Monish Mehta “Parents today also understand the importance of the Music and Dance education and want their children to pursue it seriously.

In Indian Market, there has been an increased demand for Indian or Western Music and Dance courses and Swar Kala Sangam is dedicated to providing quality education and Certifications in these Subjects Music Classes, Dance Classes, Instrument Classes, Art & Craft Classes, and more”.

Swar Kala Sangam has shown great traction and acceptability in Gurgaon Region and now plans to become one of the largest musical destinations for teachers and students through superior product-market fit and growing opportunities in the field.

Swar Kala Sangam has expansion plans and sets up centers in important towns to provide quality music education at affordable costs to music aspirants. For more learning about music, applicant may visit.

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