RK Group of Educational Institutions Brought Out The Names of The Top 20 Blooming Students of February & March 2023.

RK Group of Educational Institutions Brought Out The Names of The Top 20 Blooming Students of February & March 2023.

RK Talent Show 2024

Challenges are inevitable and indispensable part of one’s life. Hence, students are no exception. Be it concentration issues, time management, or rigorous competition, resilient students beat all these distractions and excel in their subject areas.

RK Group of Education Institution aims to motivate these excellent learners who have enrolled in the respective courses, such as digital marketing, social media advertising, photography, graphic designing, video editing, interior design, stenography, and data science, to name a few.

RK Group Chairman Naresh Chandra Bansal, Senior journalist Manvendra Kumar, journalist and writer Sanjaypati Tiwari & well-known news anchor Ved Prakash honored the top 20 students at the felicitation ceremony held at RK Films and Media Academy.

This campaign pursuits to inspire these students to keep going with their excellence and follow their passion with more confidence, as we envision them to be highly successful in their fields.

1. Sairem Bhaskar- Photography (Still and Video)

Sairem Bhaskar is a very passionate student of RKFMA. His assignment presented both, his mindfulness and his creativity. He wants to become a successful photographer. He mentions thanks to his faculty, especially, Mr. Chandra Shekhar, who has always tried to bring out the best in every student and has been a guide throughout the course.

2. Bhavi Tandon- Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising

Bhavi Tandan is currently working as Human Resource Intern at Techaronic. She wants to become a Content Creator and Fashion Designer and start her own brand. She is well versed in Google AdSense, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, how to create a website, Email Marketing, Facebook and Instagram Marketing in digital marketing.

3. Himanshu Sarwan-Data Science and Machine Learning using Python

Himanshu Sarwan is pursuing B.Sc in Computer Science from Delhi University. He is tech-savvy. He wants to become an expert in data science. He enjoys learning about computer languages and so wants to pursue a career in this field. A career in data science is highly lucrative and pursuing this course will open up many opportunities for him.

4. Ritika – Stenography, Secretarial Practices, and IT Skills

Ritika loves to keep on improving her language skills. She has good communication skills. Her performance improvised during the course. Her consistent hard work has led her to improve her communication skills, have a grasp of language skills, and have basic knowledge of computers.

5. Vishakha – Fine Arts and Illustration

Vishakha is a very keen observer. She loves to paint and make portraits. Her interest in fine arts started when she was a kid. To add technical knowledge and a touch of professionality, she joined this course, where she showed her creativity and hard work through her projects and assignment.

6. Kajal Sharma – Interior Design and Architecture Planning

Kajal is a student of Interior Design and architecture planning. She is creative and attentive and her works and assignments have shown that she has an eye for aesthetics. She is always updated about the current trends and incorporates them in her works which makes her work trendy and eye-catching.

7. Abhishek Bhardwaj – Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

Abhishek Bhardwaj wants to work in an IT company. He also plans to go abroad for his studies. He is a basketball and football player. He loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He keeps himself updated with the news around. He is tech-savvy and loves to explore computers and the internet.

8. Anjali – Graphic Designing, DTP, and Video Editing

Anjali is currently a final-year student of graduation. She likes to make drawings, cartoons, logos, and many more. That’s why she is interested in graphic design. Learning graphic designing, she wants to pursue her passion for drawing and she aspires to join a big company or work as a freelancer.

9. Manya Sachdeva – Graphic Designing, DTP, and Video Editing

Manya is planning to have a successful career. Creativity is her strength. Graphic Designing and video editing is the field where she loves to put all her creativity. Starting from the basics, she has now become a profession-ready graphic designer and video editor. She is already gaining experience while working with different clients.

10. Smridhi Mahendru – Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising

Smridhi is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Vocation in Retail Management and Information Technology from Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. She likes digital marketing because it allows her to be creative, data-driven, and keep up with new trends. It also offers flexibility in terms of where and how you work and can have a significant impact on the success of a business or organization.

11. Akanksha Goel – Graphic Designing, DTP, and Video Editing

Akanksha Goel wants to become a Costume Designer and work with big production houses in the future. She is currently working and gaining experience as a fashion designer with Darzi On Call. It’s a home service fashion place. She says RKFMA is helping her learn exciting tools in different software with which she can create interesting outputs.

12. Asmita Gupta – Interior Designing and CAD

Asmita is from Delhi. She has passed her 12th in 2022 in the science stream. She is currently focused on preparing for JEE Paper-2 and NATA, which are entrance exams for the course of architecture. Meanwhile, she has joined courses in Interior Design and CAD to add skills to help in her career. Asmita Gupta is a passionate student and she wants to become a next-gen architect.

13. Sneha Sharma – Mass Communication and Digital Media Production

Sneha is an all-rounder, who has a passion for filmmaking/direction, storytelling, and writing and a strong background in journalism and Communication. She is proficient in various multimedia tools including Adobe, final cut pro, and WordPress. From a very young age, she has only one dream of becoming a great director and filmmaker.

14. Shreya Jain – Event Management, Marketing, and Public Relations

Shreya Jain is passionate about business and management; she is currently pursuing a BBA degree from the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. She loves to learn new things and expand her horizons. She is disciplined with strong analytical abilities, she has a diverse range of interests that include management, writing, drawing, cooking, and computers.

15. Bhanu Meena – Photography (Still and Video)

Bhanu Meena is from Delhi. Currently, he is pursuing a Photography course from RKFMA (IOP). Bhanu is a dedicated and hardworking student. He is keenly interested in modeling, photography, and E-Commerce. Bhanu loves to travel and explore different places. He says, capturing the pictures of places he travels is what keeps him energetic.

16. Vrinda Sharma – Filmmaking, Direction, and Screenplay

Vrinda Sharma is a twenty-two-year-old student of Filmmaking, Screenplay Writing, and Direction at R.K. Films and Media Academy. After completing her graduation in English Honors from Miranda House, she plans on pursuing a Masters in Media Management in Mass Communication this year. She aspires to become an actor, director as well as a model.

17. Mayukh Chatterjee – Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising

Mayukh Chatterjee is a sincere student of RKFMA. He chose this career seeing its wide scope in this tech-driven world. Digital Marketing opens up a lot of opportunities for which Mayukh plans to be ready and he aspires to help businesses grow with his marketing skills.

18. Dimple Kapoor – Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising

Dimple Kapoor is a tech-driven and enthusiastic student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree from Delhi University’s Acharya Narendra Dev College. Dimple was a national-level baseball player. Dimple aspires to be a successful digital marketer, leveraging his skills and knowledge to help businesses thrive in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

19. Manvi Lohia – Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Entrepreneurship

Manvi Lohia is a final-year student at the School of Open Learning, at Delhi University. She is also pursuing a German Diploma Course from Satyawati College, Delhi University. She is an Instagram blogger. She wants to pursue Graphic Design as her profession. She says R K FILMS AND MEDIA ACADEMY is a stepping stone in making Graphic design her profession.

20. Muskan Yadav – Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Entrepreneurship

Muskan Yadav is a graduate of Political Science. She is currently pursuing a fashion design course from RKFMA. She is a creative, hardworking, and confident lady. She plans to get a job to become self-dependent and economically independent so that she can open a boutique of her own and live her dreams.

CA Naresh Chandra Bansal, Chairman of R K Group of Educational Institutions, congratulated the students who were chosen in the top 20 positions and stated that “the doors of R K Group of Educational Institutions are always open for their students, be it any need or assistance, we are always ready to help our students grow and shine.”

The RK Group of Educational Institutions was founded in 1995. Since then, the institution has consistently adhered to the highest academic standards. The RK Group of Educational Institutions has grown tremendously and attained a leadership position as a result of its excellence in imparting quality education. This speaks volumes about its enduring commitment, outstanding faculty, and rich learning environment. Coupled with years of resourceful experience, the society has successfully established its following educational units.

-RK College of Systems and Management, Delhi

-RK College of Law

-RK College of Systems and Management, Firozabad

-RK Films and Media Academy

-RK Academy of Art & Design

-RK Convent School The units are also offering certificate courses in association with the Delhi University, in both online and offline modes.

The campaign conducted by RK Group of Educational Institutions for the students. For more information reach to www.rkfma.com or col.du.ac.in or mail on info@rkfma.com

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