Cheers to Mothers Worldwide: Celebrities Honoring the Heart of Every Family and Observing Mother’s Day with Love and Gratitude

Mother’s Day

Cheers to Mothers Worldwide: Celebrities Honoring the Heart of Every Family and Observing Mother’s Day with Love and Gratitude

Mother’s Day
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Shweta is a Member, State Executive Committee of BJP Delhi. Former Vice Chairperson of Northern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Mother’s Day annually falls on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day honours mothers around the globe. It is a day to express our gratitude, love and appreciation for them through words, gifts, selfless gestures, and a reminder that one day is not enough to thank them for all the sacrifices they have made for us in the past. It is a day to celebrate motherhood.

In India we feel every day is mother’s day. Children daily seek blessings from their mother by touching her feet which is also an expression of love, respect, appreciation and gratitude towards her and a salient expression to tell that whatever we are today is just because of sacrifices made by her during our upbringing and also the values given to us by her and she is a living Goddess with us.

Happy Mother’s Day to Devi Mata, Bharat Mata, Meri Mata (My Mother) and all the mothers.


Mother cannot be defined in a few words. A Mother brings up a child with care and affection that is what we know all but i believe it is much more beyond that. A mother who doesn’t give birth only and brings up their child even always be in their prayer and protect their child whatever the circumstances are..

Mother teaches moral and cultural values. Mothers who forgive their child and teach their children only the right things to do and make them a good human being. We resemble our mother as goddess Durga as they have the abilities to manage many things at a time. The mothers are soft hearted  and known for loving, affection, caring not only  even if time comes they can fight with the outer world for their child rights and to protect them.

I salute all mothers for their hardwork and the  efforts they put to bind a family and manage all things going out of their comfort. No one can replace a mother in our life. I am lucky to have my mother as she is my strength. I am today because of her blessings, love and  support.

I am proud of my mother for how she is available all the time for their kids in their problems and protecting them from evil eyes. I am nothing without her. I love my mother.


Madhavi Advani is a Global Luxury Consultant with a diverse portfolio comprising real estate, art, hospitality, weddings, fashion designers, jewellery , health, wellness , beauty and bespoke events. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards and on board with many esteemed organisations. A well connected professional she has been widely covered in various media. She is also the  founder of luxurycobiz and luxury Club.

I believe mother’s day is a special day and just one day is inadequate to celebrate the most special woman in our lives.  We can never adequately thank and be grateful to the woman who gave birth to us and brought us to be what we are.  To bring up a human life is perhaps the most difficult and challenging role and our no one can do this better than our mother  who always has our interest as foremost.  She looks after us so lovingly  and diligently with us being her topmost priority.

We our very existence, status, success, growth and everything that we are to the untiring and selfless dedication of that one woman.  I have never come across a stronger and selfless bond as the one that exists between a mother and her children.  A mother knows only to give without any anticipation or expectation of getting anything in return.

There is a profound truth when we say that since God could not be there to guide, love and protect everyone – He created the mother to be our own personal God on this planet. It is the most selfless unconditional love.

Celebrating Mothers The purity of love in her eyes when she feeds her child before herself , a love which she lets go one day-to see her babies fly cause in her she carries the mother instinct of selfless love -to care and protect.

Honoring them all – our own and the ones we pass by and forget to salute. Happy MOTHER’S DAY


Sapnna S Gujral, a Women Empowerment Coach with expertise in Sales & Communication.

I take pride in the efforts that I decided to put for bringing a meaning to my life.

The history behind this day may sound abrupt to many of us because no mother would accept any opportunity of getting her child fed by a nun.

However, the morale of this historic anecdote is that since early 1900’s, many women have been giving priority to their own body. They are happy to get a help at night so they are fresh the whole day to take care of the child Women are able to stay healthy in the long run if they decide to share the child’s responsibility with their spouse or in laws.

Today, once again those times are back when nanny have taken the charge and it does not mean that the Mothers affection has decreased.

The word MOTHER is attached to some adjectives like-

Sacrifice: Making others a priority & Loving others more than Self.

Sympathy: Her love is often underrated and own people start taking her for granted.

Compromise: Giving importance to other’s needs and Shifting focus from inner world to outer.

Super Power: The race of achieving perfection and Sense of accomplishment through pleasing.


‘Maa’, the vibration of this word takes us far beyond the eternity and back . Let’s honor the incredible women who have shaped our lives with love, sacrifice, and boundless compassion. From the countless sleepless nights to the unwavering support during our toughest moments, mothers are the pillars of strength in our lives. Their nurturing presence guides us through challenges and celebrates our triumphs, always with unconditional love.

Let’s express our deepest gratitude for all the selfless acts, tender care, and endless devotion they shower upon us. Whether near or far, let’s cherish every moment with our mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures, celebrating their unwavering love and indomitable spirit. Happy Mother’s Day to all the remarkable mothers around the world—you are truly appreciated and loved beyond measure.

Dr. Nutan Chaudhary is an Academcian, Researcher and Author based in Noida who travels across the country to train young minds and corporates on various aspects of Communication and Soft skills.


Maa or mom or mumma or amma numerous words just to express one thing love. From the very beginning, she stood by my side through thick and thin, guiding me through every hardship with unwavering support. She is not just my mother, but my pillar of strength, my beacon of hope in the darkest of times.

Her love is Endless ,No words can express the depth of my gratitude for her presence in my life. She has been my source of comfort, my source of inspiration, showing me a world filled with love, beauty, and boundless compassion. My mother’s shares Unshakeable Bond with every beat of my heart, I feel her love surrounding me, a bond that nothing can break. Through life’s challenges, she remains my constant support, my source of solace and joy. She is irreplaceable, my eternal source of grace and light.

Till time she stood with me i dont care of world cause my whole world is with me. The biggest pleasure as daughter I want to feel is seeing her smiling because of me. I don’t have so many wishes just one I want to be with her, When her reason of happiness is me . My life is successful without a doubt. And greatest failure when her tears behold pain given by me. Most innocent soul is maa. No one is as beautiful as mother is. She beholds irreplaceable place in my life.

Somya Tiwari is a freelancer who sell artworks and writing


I am married and mom of 8 years old son. No one can take place of our mom .Mothers are the most powerful creatures in this world. Mother’s love is precious. It’s a beautiful bond between mother and child that one can cherish. For a mother, her whole world is around her children. A mom always encourages, motivates their children, no matter what. Mothers make a lot of sacrifices for their family that is why we should always respect our mothers.

Just Like mother nature, it furnishes all our basic needs-bread, clothing and shelter. Same our mom does for us. When I pray, I always thanks to my mom for nurturing me with good thoughts, values etc.


A mother renounces her selfishness forgets her problems and nurtures her children. When a mother is around a child feels very safe everyone life is incomplete without her. One day is not enough to celebrate motherhood and we should make every day a special day for her. She is a form of God .This day is to make that form happy, this day is dedicated to her, her importance, her value. No one can love like her on this day we try to express our love respect gratitude honour. We can never repay our mothers ever for what they do for us salute to you mother


Urmila Mathur, 84 years old, mother of 3 daughters and 1 son , wife of Late Ghanshyam Mathur. (Advocate High Court) , a homemaker, who shaped my life and my childhood. What I am today is because of my mom who inspired me , motivated me every time in life .  She is so strong , balanced , non-judgmental and truthful. No matter whatever is the situation she stands for right and unbiased decisions. She is always admired and loved for her teachings and preaching she gave me in my life. She is my ideal and would love to be like her always .

My mother was born on 5 September 1940, the day we celebrate as teacher’s day. Her father sent her to Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya , Vadodara for her early education when she was barely 5 years old . She was in Vadodara when we got independence and she was the part of rally which took place to celebrate the day of independence.

When females were not educated , she went for her graduation and masters in Hindi to Banasthali Vidyapeeth University. She  was a second grade teacher in 1962 when she got married to papa , who was at that time in Army.

She gave her entire life in bringing us up, guiding and mentoring all of us . My father used to look upon her for all kinds of decisions. She had solutions for all problems and used to come out with wonderful ideas to solve any situation. Without MBA degree she used to manage household finances very well and always had enough money from her secret places for rainy days.

I have learned from her life to be strong . No matter, whatever is the situation , she has always remained calm and strong Her strength, resilience and her unconditional love has molded me tremendously.  She taught me to always be grounded and empathetic. 

She said there is no alternative to hard work. If you want to be successful in life you have to be diligent and should give your 100%   Don’t think about the results as they will always favour you if you are on right track.

A mother is one who teaches you to face difficulties in life and she has taught me to surmount the difficulties and challenges, never to run away from them. I am proud to say that mom instilled in me to fight with any kind of situation.

A child can never repay for the priceless favours and the love of mothers, but I definitely am indebted to my mom for her sacrifices and unconditional support throughout my life. I can’t count on the innumerable contributions of my mom ,but I have promised myself that I will never let her down.

Mom! I love you so much A big thank you to be what you are ! Will always pray for your health and well being.


Being a proud daughter of my super mother Retd. Teacher Mrs. Kannammal , Chennai .She taught me many life lessons by her own example, that the most evolved person is seemingly a contradiction— a mother & a daughter are both the strongest and the most vulnerable person in the room. I am very proud supermother of my naughty sweetheart sons Master Sharvik & Krithvik, “No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sound like from the inside.”

Mothers and nurses share a profound similarity they both possess boundless love, care, and nurturing instincts. Like mothers, nurses selflessly devote themselves to others, offering comfort, healing, and support in times of need. Happy Nurses Day and Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Prof.Karthikeswari is a Nurse at Government Institute of Medical Sciences


Mother is the earth, mother is the sky, everything is at the feet of the mother. This relationship connected with the umbilical cord continues till the last breath. So let’s respect the mother’s love, save her womb and give her the highest status in the world by giving her God-like respect.

Dr Darshani Priya is a Ex-Rajyasabha Editor, Author and Journalist.


We originally hail from Kolkata, known as the City of Joy. We relocated to Bangalore when my dad started working here when I was quite young. It’s been 29 years since we’ve been living in Bangalore. The cornerstone of our household is our mother, who effortlessly manages everything and takes care of us. She is someone I can wholeheartedly trust. As they say, mothers are divine beings, embodying a fragment of God within themselves.

For someone who does so much for her children, it would be unjust if there wasn’t a special day dedicated to her. That’s why Mother’s Day holds a significant place in the hearts of both mothers and their children. While Mother’s Day comes once a year, it’s important to ensure that we make it memorable for our mothers each year. On this occasion, we strive to give our mother a break from her daily duties and present her with gifts such as clothes or jewelry. Seeing her surprised and her smile brings us immense joy. My mother treasures the gifts that I give her the most, carefully storing them in the cupboard each year. Mother’s Day is a time to express gratitude for the presence of this remarkable individual in our lives. You are not just a woman, a wife, or a daughter; above all, you are a mother. You are simply the best. I love you, Mom.

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