Bayside Corporations, Targets Sales of 100 Crore in Indian Luxury Real Estate Market

Bayside Corporations, Targets Sales of 100 Crore in Indian Luxury Real Estate Market

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Bayside Corporations (BCS), the boutique real estate consultancy firm with its offices in Goa and Noida (UP) has announced sales target worth Rs 100 crore in current financial year. The boutique real estate consultancy firm which is amongst the top real estate brokerage firms operating in India, and excels in selling luxury real estate across Goa, has announced its expansion plans to enter Noida (UP) and Chandigarh (Punjab). The firm is also in talks with top real estate developers based out of Dubai (UAE) and will soon be announcing the collaborations in the coming few weeks.

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Bayside Corporations, which has been actively involved in real estate market in India since over a decade through its multiple subsidiaries, has now taken the initiative to front end the brokerage division under its own brand and is aggressively scouting for developers across Goa, Noida (UP) and Chandigarh (Punjab) to collaborate and help them market and sell their properties better through its huge network of BCS partners across India.

A spokesperson for the firm informed, “At BCS, we have been actively engaged in multiple aspects of Real estate, which starts from marketing, managing and creation of data, stress funding, developing reports and researches, to investing in land deals. With the buoyancy in Indian luxury real estate market, the firm strongly believes that the Indian buyers are now ready to invest in aspirational properties and requires the right guidance by professionals. Hence the firm has now decided to invest and transact in luxury real estate in 3 different markets of Indian real estate sector.”

BCS has a firm network of thousands of channel partner across multiple regions who have helped the firm sale real estate and it also provides end to end marketing and selling services which are very critical to any real estate company or project. The firm has strong expansion plans for Indian luxury real estate market and will continue expanding in coming months.


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