Shah Rukh Khan moves fan’s hand away to avoid a selfie, social media video goes viral

Shah Rukh Khan moves fan’s hand away to avoid a selfie, social media video goes viral

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Shah Rukh Khan made waves on Wednesday as a video of the Bollywood superstar shooing away an intrusive fan who wanted to take a photo with the actor as he was leaving the airport here surfaced online.

Khan, 57, was surrounded by observers and admirers as he was leaving the airport with his manager Pooja Dadlani and bodyguards.

In videos that are making the rounds on social media, Shah Rukh can be seen blowing kisses to the throng as he leaves the airport.

A black-and-white-clad man swiftly pulled out his phone and began taking a selfie with the actor, which the latter blocked by extending his hand.

The guy was also prevented from approaching Shah Rukh any closer by the security staff.

The “Pathaan” actor is then seen making his way toward his car while dodging the mob of onlookers and paparazzi in all-black clothing and sunglasses.

Social media users had a mixed reaction to the incident; some criticized Shah Rukh for being impolite while others criticized the fan for disrespecting the actor’s personal space.

“Imagine someone has just arrived after a long flight and you’re flashing lights in their face without any permission. Shah Rukh Khan is only a human after all. For f***’s sake, give him some privacy for once,” a fan wrote on the microblogging site.

“#ShahrukhKhan success has gone over his head in the last 10 years he was humble after one hit he is going mad Pushed an airport official while he was trying to take a selfie his bodyguard nearly pushed him to the ground There should be strict action against this arrogant star,” said another on Twitter.

It is not clear where Shah Rukh was returning from. He was shooting in Srinagar last week for the upcoming film “Dunki”. According to the pictures shared by his official fan club on Twitter, it appears the actor flew in from Doha.

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