LOSD Offers Mental Health Course

LOSD Offers Mental Health Course

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A thorough course on mental health is offered by LOSD with the goal of fostering knowledge, awareness, and efficient management of mental health. Psychological resiliency, stress management, coping mechanisms, and de-stigmatizing mental health disorders are just a few of the subjects this program tackles.

Participants will acquire the skills necessary to support their own mental health and positively impact the well-being of people around them through a combination of evidence-based instruction and practical practices.

The training at LOSD provides a great opportunity for people to build a comprehensive view of mental health and foster a culture of empathy and support under the guidance of seasoned mental health professionals.

This course gives participants the knowledge and skills they need to successfully and compassionately navigate the intricacies of mental health, whether they want to improve their own well-being or become advocates for mental health in their communities.

Mental health is gradually becoming a global health burden and is an area that needs urgent attention. The stigma historically attached to mental health amongst global societies has hindered social awareness and coping strategies.

This twelve-month LOSD mental health course is designed for all individuals that would like to learn more about mental health including students, educators, professionals interested in mental health to progress their careers, or other interested individuals who are aiming to increase their knowledge base.

Kindly visit the official LOSD website to know more about the course, eligibility criteria, and admission procedure.

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