Haryana violence: Gurugram and Faridabad public schools will be closed today.

school closed

Haryana violence: Gurugram and Faridabad public schools will be closed today.

school closed
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In Gurugram and the Faridabad district, all educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and coaching facilities, will be closed on Tuesday. Conflicts between two factions on Monday in Haryana’s Nuh area led to this.

According to a direction from Gurugram District Magistrate Nishant Kumar Yadav, “We urge all educational institutions to strictly adhere to these orders.”

The Faridabad district’s schools, colleges, and coaching facilities will all be closed today, according to a directive from the district’s information and public relations officer.

Conflicts in the Nuh area of Haryana

An altercation between two groups in the Nuh area resulted in the deaths of two home guards and the injuries of about a dozen police officers. Neeraj and Gursevak, the deceased, were working at the Khedali Daula police station. The hurt officers were transported to Gurgaon’s Medanta Hospital.

When police teams were travelling from Gurugram to Mewat, a crowd attack on them caused a dispute to break out. In order to determine the incident’s cause and address any underlying problems, the authorities will probably look into it.

Till August 2, mobile services are suspended.

The Nuh Deputy Commissioner pleaded with everyone to keep the peace and said that everyone who was left stranded had been rescued. Mobile internet access has been temporarily stopped in Nuh district as a precaution.

On Monday night, Nuh Deputy Commissioner Prashant Panwar stated, “Police are looking into the situation. Internet access has been disabled for three days. The district has implemented Section 144. Orders for a curfew have been issued…We ask everyone to keep the peace. One casualty has been reported, and all stranded persons have been rescued. The situation has returned to normal, and the district has been placed under a curfew.

The Haryana Government stated in an official announcement on the internet shutdown that the action was intended to prevent the spread of false information and rumours through social media platforms.

“To prevent the dissemination of false information and rumours through various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. on mobile phones and SMS, for facilitation and mobilisation of mobs of protesters and agitators who can seriously cause loss of life and damage to public and private properties by engaging in arson or vandalism, as well as other types of violent activities, the Home Secretary of Haryana do order the suspension of the mobile internet services and the banning of social media from Haryana.” provided on mobile networks with the exception of voice calls in the district Nuh in the state of Haryana,” the directive stated.

By Nishtha Dhoundiyal

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