Kejriwal needn’t be thrilled about Modi reaching 75; he will finish his term. Amit Shah responds to Delhi CM’s’retirement’ assault on PM

Amit Shah responds

Kejriwal needn’t be thrilled about Modi reaching 75; he will finish his term. Amit Shah responds to Delhi CM’s’retirement’ assault on PM

Amit Shah responds
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Hours after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will “retire” at 75 and Home Minister Amit Shah would take over, Shah insisted that Modi would “finish his term”.

Speaking at the Hyderabad BJP headquarters, Shah said, “I want to tell Arvind Kejriwal and his team, as well as the INDI coalition, that Narendra Modi turning 75 is not a cause for celebration. The BJP’s constitution makes no mention of anything like this. Modi ji will complete his term, and he will continue to lead the country into the future. There is no uncertainty inside the BJP; they seek to cause confusion.”

Speaking at the AAP office in Delhi, Kejriwal stated, “These guys (BJP) ask the INDIA bloc, who will be your Prime Minister? Who is your candidate? I question the BJP, “Who is going to be your PM?” He (Modi) will be 75 years old next September. He is the one who established the requirement that party members must retire at the age of 75. He has to retire next year. So I ask the BJP, “Who is your PM candidate?” Who will fulfill Modi’s promises? Will Amit Shah do it? When you go out to vote, realize that you are voting for Amit Shah, not Modi.”

Shah stated that “Narendra Modi has 23 years of experience – as CM and PM – and he has ensured development of the country” . “He has worked relentlessly to improve the disadvantaged. Today, internal security has improved, and we have a firm handle on terrorism and Naxalism. On the one side, we have a prime minister who comes from a low background, a tea vendor, and on the other, we have politicians born with a silver spoon in their mouth, products of dynastic politics,” he stated.

He also stated that Kejriwal’s interim bail is not clean. “The Supreme Court granted temporary bail to Kejriwal only for election campaign purposes. On June 2, he must submit to the inquiry agency. If Kejriwal believes the Supreme Court is giving him a pass, I believe his legal knowledge is flawed,” he remarked.

On Mani Shankar Aiyar’s claim that Pakistan is a nuclear power, Shah stated, “The BJP’s position is that PoK belongs to India and is a part of India. His (Aiyar’s) claim that Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons is appalling.”

He also denied rumors that if the BJP wins a third term, it will remove all reservations, claiming that the party only intends to eliminate religion-based reservations in Telangana.

He also accused Telangana’s Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy of giving over the driving wheel to the Owaisi. “They engage in appeasement politics. “They oppose the CAA and want Rohingyas to be allowed into the country,” Shah stated.

Regarding the resistance, Shah stated, “These people’s desire to safeguard their minority vote bank is so intense that they even doubt the surgical strike. After the United States and Israel, India is the only country that enters enemy territory and attacks when its defense forces are threatened. Revanth Reddy may accept this in private, but he cannot do so in public for obvious reasons.

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